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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your prices?

KeyIndia Graphics offers services to multiple verticals, therefore we would need to understand your requirements and provide prices catering to your needs and service requirements. Please click here to request for pricing.

How many people are working at KeyIndia Graphics?

As of December 1st 2011 we have over 239 imaging professionals working fulltime.

Who uses your services?

Professional photographers, Color Labs, Portrait Studios, Stock Agencies, Advertising, Publication companies, Catalogs, Wedding/event photographers, Archives/libraries, News agencies, Real Estate Agents, Sports Organization, Fashion Photographers, Online Photo companies, Retailers and consumers.

Are digital technicians of KeyIndia Graphics trained and experienced?

All retouchers and digital imaging experts are trained and certified Adobe Photoshop and Video Editing Professionals. The average experience of digital expert is 7.5 years.

What are your contact details?

 support@keyindiagraphics.com or call
+1 888 340 9119 or + 1 646 484 9496

Is it free to sign up?

Yes, it is absolutely free to signup

How to send/upload order?

Once you created an account on our site we will send you FTP server details, you can upload and download images from your FTP software.

How to receive/download order?

Once your order is completed and uploaded to FTP server, we will send you an email for the same and you can download images.

How long will my images be stored?

Once your order is completed and uploaded to FTP server, we will store your images for 30 days, after that it will be automatically deleted from your FTP account. If you need to store longer, please contact support@keyindiagraphics.com and let us know.

How to request a REDO?

Send an email to support@keyindiagraphics.com with redo instructions. Any new instructions/new services asked than originally asked, it will be charged extra.

Will I be charged for REDO?

We don’t charge anything extra for REDO. We guarantee our service. We offer 3 FREE Redoes, after that we charge our regular charges.

What is your normal turnaround time?

24-48 Hours for most services (Yes, unbelievable)!!!!, We also offer 4-12 hours turnaround time for rush jobs.
Orders sent after 6:00pm on Fridays, will be delivered on Monday 6:00 pm (due to weekend orders rush).

How do you guarantee quality?

We have 239+ imaging professionals; we follow strict guidelines for quality. Before it comes to you, it has been passed by three levels of quality check. We don’t charge extra for Redoes. We offer 3 Redoes for each image at no additional charge.

Is my information safe and private with you?

We don’t share your information with anybody and is secured.

5 Images Free?

Yes, any services for 5 images are free.
You can send 5 images free via www.yousendit.com or email us at support@keyindiagraphics.com 

Copyright and Image Use

Will you claim the copyright for edited photos?

No. We do not claim any copyright for edited photos.

Will my images be used by your service for commercial purposes?

We will never sell or share your images with third parties for commercial purposes use. Also we will never use your images on our site to showcase our work, unless permitted by you

For any more questions please email to support@keyindiagraphics.com. We will be glad to help. Please allow 12 to 24 hours for us to respond to your emails.

For immediate assistance, please contact
 +1 888 340 9119 or + 1 646 484 9496


"KeyIndia Graphics has provided exceptional quality restorations and colorizations on our old archives.
We are glad to have found a right partner with such high integrity."

Nikhil Rele, Director of Photography,



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